Nowhere  is a VR documentary that seeks to make people think differently about borders.

In transporting the viewer back into the womb -  a place that everyone has been before but that no one can remember  - the film explores how place of birth can determine one's experience of the world. 

Nowhere hopes to put into practice the ritual theory that experiencing a universal threshold can inspire feelings of community, and reflection on social hierarchies.



Nowhere's soundscape is a reconstruction of a Médecins Sans Frontières & SOS Mediterannee Aquarius rescue in the Mediterranean: 

On the 11th July 2017, aboard the Aquarius, MSF midwife Alice Gautreau received a radio call. Constance - a Cameroonian migrant mother - had given birth on an over-crowded wooden migrant boat crossing from Libya. Constance had fled from a detention centre where she was imprisoned with her husband. Constance was rescued and taken aboard the Aquarius with her newborn child, that she named Christ.

You can read the radio transcript here


Directed by Carolina Marconi    

Produced by Maya Hope Chaldecott

VFX by Jiawei Hui

Sound Design by Ruogo Huang

SFX by Begona F Martin

With special thanks to Darren Emerson (VR City), Aga, Oliver and MSF

Official Selection

One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival 2019

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Copyright © 2019 Carolina Marconi + Maya-Hope Chaldecott