Maya Hope Chaldecott

Co-founder & Creative Producer 

Maya discovered VR whilst studying Digital Anthropology. She did her MSc ethnographic research with student VR filmmakers while producing 360film Nowhere (2018).  

Maya has worked as a researcher in immersive tech on projects including VR and therapy (House of Alternate Realities); Scent and VR (The Feelies); AR content creation (Velocity); digital mapping (AKOU). 

Maya's side hustle is Multimedia Anthropology Lab ( a research lab experimenting with immersive non-textual ways of conducting and presenting anthropological work.

Maya is also currently in Product & Experience Research at LITHO - augmented reality hardware + software startup (March 2018-)


Maya's instagram: @maya__hope

Carolina Marconi 

Co-founder & Creative Director

Carolina is a UK-based Italian filmmaker. Prior to encountering VR, Carolina made 2D documentary films including Manuela (2017) during her BA in Film Production at the University of West London.  


Intrigued by the possibility of VR and documentary, Carolina undertook the MA at Open City Docs in Immersive Factual Storytelling(VR/AR). Fascinated by how a new genre of VR documentary could effect social activism through storytelling, Carolina came up with the concept for her first VR documentary: Nowhere (2018)


Carolina currently works as a Production Assistant at Marshmallow Laser Feast. She previously worked as a researcher and production assistant for Italian 360film + 2D documentary filmmaker Ludovica Fales.

Agata Balbina Hofman

Installation & Performance

Agata is an installation and performance artist based in London. Her practice centres around immersive space and the sensory experience of the viewer. Agata seeks to create non-realm spaces where sensorial tools - light, taste and smell - give weight to particular concepts.


Agata was awarded the Praksis Prize (2018) for excellence in critical practice for Dining Room - upon her graduation from Wimbledon College of Art in Fine Art: Painting (BA). In Dining Room, the viewer enters a space with controlled lighting and colour, and is invited to try a variety of homemade Polish dishes. The colour of the environment changes according to which dish is tasted.

Agata’s works are highly technical and inter-disciplinary: she designs, engineers and constructs each work. Her expertise in computing and mathematics gives her work a little digital magic.

Check out Aga's website.

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