Give Me Your Hands - March 2020 - mp4 video, clips shown here as gifs

Line WarsJanuary 2020 gifs

'The Premature Project' (in production) Installation-based VR experience. 3d Concept Animations by Filippo Nesci (below) 

Director: Carolina Marconi,  Producer: Filippo Nesci, Writer-Researcher: Maya Hope

In the Garden (2019) - 360video for Virtual Reality - Collaboration with Pascal Sender for UCL's Festival of Culture 2019

Multimedia Anthropology Lab Augmented Reality Sound Piece (2019, TATE Exchange) with LITHO

Special thanks to Designer Nat Martin: Made in Unity with LITHO. Installed at TATE Exchange for Hyphen Labs' POWER Program. September 2019. Music by Sheepish, Charlie Bowles. 

Nowhere - Virtual Reality Experience (2018) - 8mins - Directed by Carolina Marconi 

'Interactive Spatial Sound Rings' (in production) - 2019+ with Sheepish + LITHO - Augmented Reality Audio Experience

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